We are a high-end visual effects and finishing studio built as a more intimate response to the increasingly corporatized post production landscape. Everything we do is driven by our love of the craft, a craving to invent and a desire to exceed expectations. 


David Gaddie

Founder David Gaddie comes to the world of visual effects from a successful and awarded 20 year career directing commercials. David lends his unique insights and passion for the work to everything done at Afterparty. If there is a problem to solve, or a technique to invent, David will help figure it out.






Elias Saliba

Afterparty's CG lead, Elias, is on a continuous quest to reach technical perfection - in VFX and the culinary arts. An emerging VFX authority who previously headed a highly successful facility in Damascus, Elias brings a wealth of knowledge, a sharp eye and a calm hand to every project. He also brings incredible pastries from his kitchen... 


Jordan Lister

Jordan Lister heads up our color and design department. Jordan has grown up in advertising and production. He is uniquely multi-talented - an amazing designer, colorist, musician and DJ. As a great collaborator, Jordan’s passion is in bringing together people and ideas and carrying them to creative heights. He’s the guy everyone wants to look after their project.